Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti all broken up

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Sad about Haiti. As if they needed one more problem. Could something good come out of the catastrophe, a new sense of cohesion, in this country racked by violence and corruption? But probably not, say Schopenhauer, Maupassant and the pessimist in me.

Feels also weird, absurd to think we are so connected by the event right now and to the Haitians - and in a few months, a few years, it will be a vague memory. "Wasn't there a big earthquake in Haiti? A big earthquake in Turkey? A mudslide in Colombia? A collapsed bridge in India?" To many Haitians, it will not be a vague memory but family they've lost, a physical mutilation, a further impoverishment.

Contributed by - Arabella Hutter

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