Thursday, November 12, 2009

NYC infused with Performa

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The Performa festival has changed my relationship to New York. It looks and it feels different. Walking around the city from one venue to another. Seeing amazing performances after performances commissioned by the festival. Some less amazing performances, but still vibrant with enthusiasm and commitment. Improvisation, this daredevil show par excellence, soar or fall. Don't the organizers the performers the audience know it's 2009? That we are in an economic crisis? That everyone in New York is concerned just with themselves, and money, and their career? The experience so far has been enchanted, making new friends, blowing my mind, walking around New York as if it were a small festival town somewhere, where you know everybody else after a couple of days, remembering that there is an element of "désinteressment" as says dear old Jon Elster (see many other entries) with a broad Norwegian accent, the "desssin terrrrressment".

Brought to you to you by - Arabella Hutter

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