Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Futurama meow woof woof

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I'm really starting to be out-Performa-ed out. Three weeks. I mean, wouldn't 2 weeks been enough? But not in New York, oh no, in New York, 3 weeks. Went to Performa to catch a film by Matthew Silver, the man in a white dress. Sold out at 8pm so I went at the 9:30pm session. It is one of 10 short films commissioned by Performa. Was worried how I would survive 10 films re-creating re-inventing a 1916 futurist manifest for cinema. I enjoyed it a lot. It's of course pleasant to have all the films on the same DVD or whatever support, so you don't need to wait for the projector to be rethreaded, etc. as it the days of 16mm/Super8 projections.

There were amazingly beautiful films and funny films and touching films and beautiful and funny films, etc. Amazing how good curating can work, the films blended effortlessly into each other. I was interested to see how new media had affected experimental filmmaking, as I haven't been following this scene so much since my experimental days. Some films could have been shot on film, no effect or really little, and some, such as Matthew's, used a lot of effects. There were pets and babies, which seem to be popular everywhere these days, on youtube and in experimental films and on facebook profile photos. That's how deep I'll go today.


  1. Did you actually take the pics during the screening?

  2. Yes, with my cellphone because I forgot I had my camera with me. They came out pretty well...