Friday, November 13, 2009

Art or art?

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Today lots and lots of pictures, and less words. I went to the Joan Jonas performance at Performa last night. Didn't talk to me much. Well, I was standing in the aisle because the show was sold out, and art might not look as good when standing up as when sitting comfortably. I liked some stuff, the technical aspect, but it just didn't strike me the way the brilliant performance by William Kentridge did on Monday night. But the pics above do not represent Joan Jonas' sudden turn around in her style.

While I was waiting in line, I saw another line two doors down. Went to check it after the show. It was a kidzrobot opening, is it art, is it not? I'm not even going to go there. The crowd was young and hip, there was free beer - all gone by the time I got there. Cool figures produced by young artists.

I was waiting in line for the 2nd time when a guy arrived in a spectacular beat up 70s grey car, in mat finish as opposed to usual glossy car paint. Address stencil painted on door: 255 E6th st, New York, NY no name. And the guy, in his 60s, parked the car right in front of a fire hydrant while there was a perfectly good parking space exactly on the other side of the street and just as large too.
All on one Wooster block, Thursday November 12.

New York dispatch by - Arabella Hutter

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